Health Benefits of Quilting

In honor of World Health Day, we’re here to discuss some of the health benefits of quilting!

As with most hobbies, the acts completed are known to reduce stress. The repetitive motions relax our brains, and the satisfaction of completing tasks is a stress reducer as well. According to a study completed by the Journal of Public Health titled The Relationship Between Quilting and Wellbeing, “Mastering new techniques and overcoming challenges led to feelings of satisfaction and boosted self-esteem particularly for those whose social roles had changed. Older participants identified that quilting helped to maintain mental agility.”

The designing, planning, cutting, and all other aspects of quilting also contribute to maintaining a sharp mind. Quilts are often complicated masterpieces, and working on them exercises important parts of our brain.

Quilting also promotes agility and dexterity in specifically our hands and arms. Cutting, sewing, etc. all work the muscles and joints in our hands and arms, and as we know exercising muscles and joints is key to retaining agility and dexterity as we age.

Overall, quilting is a fantastic hobby for our bodies and minds, just don’t get too frustrated when your corners don’t align perfectly or when you have to pull out that seam ripper!

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